Dienstag, Jänner 18, 2005

packaging revisited

richard linklater shoots his 'a wakin' life' traditionally with a camera, then invites draftsmen and animators to rotoscope and paint his film a-new.... a single second (24 frames) of this new edition (came out 2001) averages out 250 hours of one man's work. a film within a film, one could say, a crazy expensive effort to improve the visual appearance. an effort to improve the very package...

on the other side the jury of the 2004 festival of animated film in stuttgart, germany, grants one of the main prizes to the canadian christopher hinton for his 'flux' film, a 7-minute drawn animation, with a comment:
'an original animated film which could not have been made using any other medium.'

goodness gracious, sometimes i feel good knowing both extremes are still possible...


Blogger Elwood H. Smith said...

Hi, Rob, it's Elwood, your long-lost animator pal. I just wanted to say that I agree completely, it is a great time for animation--to have a full range of drawn "moving picture" creativity, from Chris Hinton's organic "Nibbles" to the stuff from Linklater. If it works and it's good, I'm intersested. And often, inspired.


25. Juli 2006 um 23:26  

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