Sonntag, November 21, 2004

children are presumably our future...

we tend to state: our children are our future. it’s more or less an illusion.
a few facts:
1. not everybody can have children nor he can afford any in an adoption way. will he be deprived of his future?
2. we come to this world alone and we’ll leave it also alone. no helper accompanies us in both cases. no joy nor mourning about those events is of any use to us.

there is more to it than that: beside the obvious and very common accidents we deliberately let the children be born because we’re subconsciously afraid of the future. we hope that our children will guarantee our old age privileges, that they'll earn enough to let us live a comfortable life we’re used to, and that they will take care of us in emergency cases. we invest in them now to protect us afterwards. we thus render ourselves inable to take the responsibility of our fate and we leave it in the end to our children instead.
we’re cowards and we fool ourselves we do anything for the future of mankind meaning to prolong our own petty existences.
the only thing we thus actually do is to undermine and to slow down our own spiritual evolution, to let others take command of our fates.

everybody acts his own role here. no other role is of any meaning to our real existence, the only one in this time and in this place...


Blogger karolyn said...

actually you don't come into the world alone. where would you be without a mother?

21. November 2004 um 01:48  
Blogger rob said...

a child comes alone. it's mother opens the door only.

21. November 2004 um 01:54  

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